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When a project is completed and ready to sell you need to be sure that your marketing channels reach prospective buyers very quickly. Concord Wilshire has established comprehensive and exclusive marketing distribution channels in the US and Canada. These channels are custom-made for marketing large multi-family residential communities so that we reach the right people with the right message very rapidly.

Our Ripple Effect distribution uses multiple touch points such as newspaper, radio, TV and internet channels to connect with prospective buyers across all media. Research and trials have helped us understand what works best at each stage of the sales cycle so we can execute multi-channel marketing at cost-effective pricing. At times we even use an auction platform to establish the initial pricing or to conclude the project.

We have strategic marketing partnerships in the US with SellState, and in Canada with Sutton to exclusively distribute the multi-family communities being marketed by Concord Wilshire. Our distribution channels give us the ability to reach 10,000 agents in a single day on a local, regional, national and international level.

We also offer an online marketing service for our broker network where they can quickly and easily create and manage the distribution of their own marketing materials.

Our exclusive distribution channels together with our unique precision selling formula ensure sales velocity and maximized proceeds for projects.

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